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Condensed Matter Journal Club: Simulating Spin Liquids with Quantum Circuits

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Condensed Matter Journal Club
276 Loomis
Mar 2, 2022   2:00 pm  
James Allen
Caitlin Kengle
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Physics - Condensed Matter Journal Club

Quantum Spin Liquids are an elusive phase of matter with interesting nonlocal properties. While many materials are candidates for spin liquids, the most exotic QSL properties have not been observed in them yet. That does not mean they are undetectable, however. On a quantum circuit, the freedom of choice in both the model and the observables offers the possibility of creating a definite spin liquid with measurable properties for the first time. In this journal club, I will review some attempts to observe these spin liquids in a quantum circuit. The first experiment implements a toric code model on a 7-qubit superconducting quantum circuit and observes anyonic excitations on it. The second creates a resonating valence bond (RVB) state in a neutral atom array, by relating Rydberg excitations on a ruby lattice to a dimer model on a Kagome lattice.


Note: this event will be hybrid. The live talk occuring in Loomis 276 will be simultaneously broadcast via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to the Graduate Student and PDRA mailing lists. If you are not on one of those lists and are interested in attending, please email Caitlin at for the link.

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