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Condensed Matter Journal Club: Electronic properties of strain superlattices in graphene

Event Type
Condensed Matter Journal Club
276 Loomis
Nov 30, 2021   2:00 - 3:00 pm  
Preetha Sarkar
Caitlin Kengle
Originating Calendar
Physics - Condensed Matter Journal Club

Van der Waals 2D materials, with their large surface-to-volume ratio, weak interlayer interactions and lack of dangling bonds, have opened up a new paradigm of designing superlattices with novel functionalities. In this talk, I will begin with a brief overview of the various 2D superlattices that have been realized and then focus on strain superlattices. Strain superlattices in graphene have been predicted to generate a spatially varying pseudo-magnetic field which results in the formation of weakly dispersive energy ‘flat’ bands. Electron-electron interactions dominate in these flat bands, since the kinetic energy is quenched, and results in the emergence of strongly correlated phases of matter. I will go over some of the recent experimental evidence in support of the emergence of large pseudo-magnetic fields and flat bands in strained graphene. Finally, I will discuss the method adopted by our research group (Mason group) for generating strain in graphene using nano-patterned substrates and the low temperature electron transport studies which indicate the emergence of secondary Dirac cones in the graphene band structure and the generation of a large pseudo-magnetic field.

Note: this event will be hybrid. The live talk occuring in Loomis 276 will be simultaneously broadcast via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to the Graduate Student and PDRA mailing lists. If you are not on one of those lists and are interested in attending, please email Cat Kengle at for the link.

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