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Condensed Matter Journal Club: Fractons: a gentle introduction

Event Type
Condensed Matter Journal Club
276 Loomis
Nov 16, 2021   2:00 - 3:00 pm  
Jacopo Gliozzi
Caitlin Kengle
Originating Calendar
Physics - Condensed Matter Journal Club

Fractons are quasiparticles that are immobile on their own, but can join together to form mobile bound states. Along with related particles that can only move along lines or planes, fractons and the systems that host them have generated significant interest in the last five years because of their connections to quantum information, topological order, and exotic quantum field theories. In this talk, I will describe how unconventional symmetries give rise to fractons using the language of tensor gauge theory. Using this approach, I will give a flavor of the connections between fractons and emergent gravity, elasticity, and glassy dynamics. To conclude, I will discuss some proposed experimental avenues to realizing fractons in condensed matter systems.

Note: this event will be hybrid. The live talk occurring in Loomis 276 will be simultaneously broadcast via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to the Graduate Student and PDRA mailing lists. If you are not on one of those lists and are interested in attending, please email Cat Kengle at for the link.

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