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IQUIST Young Researchers Seminar: The role of entanglement in quantum communication (part 2)

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wifi event
May 12, 2021   12:00 pm  
Felix Leditzky, Dept. of Mathematics
Wolfgang Pfaff
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IQUIST Young Researchers Seminar

Abstract:  In this seminar talk I will discuss various quantum communication tasks, in which two parties Alice and Bob have access to a (noiseless or noisy) quantum communication link between them. These communication links are typically modeled by a quantum channel governing the dynamical evolution of a quantum system. Quantum channels can process different "kinds" of information such as classical information or quantum information. The goals of this seminar are the following: 1) to give you an overview of how entanglement shared between the sender and receiver can facilitate the transmission of classical and quantum information, and 2) to give you a taste of the information-theoretic and mathematical complications that may arise from entangled channel codes.

This talk is intended for local QIS researchers at the University of Illinois; please do not share it more broadly. The link will be sent to the IQUIST mailing lists before the  seminar.

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