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Confronting Flexner Speaker Series: Medical Gaslighting: Why Don't You Hear Me?

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Bioethics & Medical Humanities Thread, Admissions
Mar 8, 2023   12:00 pm  
Dr. Tracy R. Wilson, DNP, MSN-Ed., RN ,FNP-C
Dr. Imanni Sheppard or Jessica Williams
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Join us for the March installment of the Confronting Flexner Speaker Series! This month, we will hear from Tracy R. Wilson, DNP, MSN.Ed., RN, FNP-C, who will deliver the talk "Medical Gaslighting: Why Don't You Hear Me?" Dr. Wilson says this about the talk: "This topic is near and dear to me. My experience with medical gaslighting is no different than anyone else and I am a healthcare provider. Women, people of color, marginalized communities, elderly are among the groups that may experience being gaslit. This discussion will hopefully engage the audience with an understanding of the term, its prevalence and ways we can overcome this issue that has been present for a long time. So advocate for yourself and make yourself heard because your very life may depend on it." We are looking forward to learning and discussing more about this topic! 

Tracy Wilson, DNP, MSN-Ed., RN,FNP-C is a Director - Field Medical, Anti-Infectives located in Houston, TX. Dr. Wilson has been with Pfizer, Inc. for three years. She has been a part of several health equity/disparities, patient advocacy, and DE & I projects in her short tenure. She possesses a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Belmont University. She also has a Post-Master Graduate Certificate from the University of Kentucky and is a Board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, through AANP. She graduated from Bellarmine University, with a Master of Science in Nursing Education. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Louisville. Dr. Wilson is currently pursuing an MS in Bioethics and Medical Humanities from Tulane University School of Medicine. Dr. Wilson has spent most of her clinical career in pediatrics and Urgent Care. She also has an extensive academic career, teaching pre-licensure nursing students in community college and university programs. She continues to mentor and counsel nursing professionals to this day.

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