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Milestone Labs Lecture: Innovation Design

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Research Park
EnterpriseWorks 130
Jan 31, 2019   8:00 - 9:00 am  
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From Social Innovation to Sustainable Impact: How to Turn Good Intentions into Global Change


Everyone is constantly talking about 'changing the world' but how many people foster real and actual change? 'Innovation' has become such a buzzword that we are losing sight of its real meaning and potential. So many hackathons, conferences or workshops just end, without any real follow up or concrete next steps that harness the incredible energy and ideas that have been brewing. Something has to change in order for there to be change!
In this talk, the Milestone team will share their years of experience in the design, innovation, and social sectors around the world. We'll discuss the failures on why such little measurable impact emerges from so many good ideas and intentions and what we are doing to change that.


The talk will touch upon Milestone's unique approach to user-centered design for change and on how we break down existing silos to get people talking and working together around common goals

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