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Visitor Series Lecture, Matt Kenyon, "The ethics and aesthetics of accumulation and waste"

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School of Art + Design Visitors Committee, Critical Technology Studies Lab @ NCSA
62 KAM
Feb 7, 2019   5:30 pm  
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Over the past eighteen years, my SWAMP (Studies of Work Atmosphere and Mass Production) art practice has created a body of work that examines various socio-political phenomena. The defining paradigm shift of the last hundred years can be seen as a movement from defining individuals as citizens, to seeing corporations as citizens. Partnerships between psychology and industry have also lead to a demotion of individual citizens to the role of consumer. Advances in our understanding of how our individual minds work (via neuroscience) have accelerated and expanded upon this post-human shift. As corporations shift from branding products to branding consumer’s experiences, notions of ownership, authenticity and disobedience become more important than ever before. What will tomorrow’s protest look like?

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