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INHS Seminar - Phylogeography of Stream-Dwelling Crayfish (Cambaridae: Faxonius) at the Glacier's Edge

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Illinois Natural History Survey Seminar Committee
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Oct 26, 2021   4:00 pm  
Dr. David M. Hayes, Eastern Kentucky University and Branley A. Branson Museum of Zoology, Richmond, KY
Jeremy Tiemann
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This seminar will be available on Zoom or in person in room 1005 Forbes Natural History building, 1816 S. Oak, Champaign

Meeting ID:  811 9490 9961 | Password: 890184

Abstract:  The stream-dwelling crayfish in the genus Faxonius (formerly Orconectes) are a widespread yet enigmatic group found throughout eastern North America.  Despite their apparent ubiquity and abundance, stream-dwelling crayfish have received little attention when compared to other aquatic organisms such as fish and mussels. This seminar will review new insights into phylogeographic patterns in the crayfish genus Faxonius, with emphasis on taxa from unglaciated regions of Kentucky and Indiana. This work uses molecular phylogenetics and has revealed cryptic diversity, potential morphological convergence, novel phylogeographic patterns, and provides insight into the identity of some non-native taxa found elsewhere in the United States. This work will also highlight the importance of coloration patterns in identification, a character that has historically been overlooked in this group due to its loss during preservation.

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