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MRSEC Seminar: Prof. Gerrit Bauer (Tohoku University and Chinese Academy of Sciences) "Selected topics in Magnonics and Ferronics"

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Illinois MRSEC
280 MRL
Nov 6, 2023   11:00 am  
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The duality between electric and magnetic dipoles in electromagnetism only partly applies to condensed matter. In particular, the elementary excitations of the magnetic and ferroelectric orders, namely magnons and ferrons, respectively, have received asymmetric attention from the condensed matter community in the past. I will introduce and summarize the basic physics of the budding field of “ferronics” [1] in comparison with the advanced field of magnonics, see e.g. [2].  

[1] G.E.W. Bauer, P. Tang, R. Iguchi, J. Xiao, K. Shen, Z. Zhong, T. Yu, S.M. Rezende, J.P. Heremans, and K. Uchida, A Perspective on Ferronics, submitted to Phys. Rev. Appl., . 

[2] T. Yu, C. Cai, and G.E.W. Bauer, Chirality Enables Thermal Magnon Transistors, . 

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