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MRSEC Seminar: Dr. Noah Schorr (Sandia) - Intercalation, Conversion, Alloy, and the Chemistries Controlling the Future of Energy Storage

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Illinois MRSEC
280 MRL
Oct 19, 2023   10:00 am  
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Next generation materials and chemistries are often touted to drastically change the energy storage landscape. While the importance of electrification for a fossil free future is not up for debate, the battery systems that will move society to sustainability is hotly contested. This talk will address research on a variety of battery chemistries to give the audience a sweeping perspective into how conversion, intercalation, and alloying mechanisms may play a role in future energy storage. Specific topics will include pairing lithium metal with high energy density cathodes, rechargeable zinc anodes in alkaline cells, probing issues with silicon anodes, and addressing the safety of battery chemistries. 

Noah B. Schorr is a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories in the Power Sources R&D organization. His work focuses on the characterization and development of new battery materials for grid storage and national security. Noah started at Sandia as a Postdoctoral Appointee in 2019, transitioning to staff in February of 2022. He received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Western Washington University in 2015 and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2019. Since 2016 Noah has served as an author on peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters covering topics including Li-ion, Li primary, redox flow, and Zn alkaline batteries.  

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