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SE 290 - Dan Donahoe

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Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering
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Apr 1, 2021   11:00 - 11:50 am  
Julie Murphy
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Dan grew up as the oldest of seven children and married Kaye, nee Fitzsimmons, forty-five years ago. Dan and Kaye now live in the Salt Lake City area after crisscrossing the United States.


Dan has experience in both defense and commercial electronics. Dan admits preferring leading technical tasks where the fruits of labor are palpable. He has worked for Lockheed, Motorola, Ford Aerospace, Teledyne, Compaq Computer, Iomega, Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, started a consulting practice named “1000 kilometers” (a length scale reference - distance from Salt Lake City to Silicon Valley), and, for now almost five years, works for the United States Air.


Dan served in several professional societies. In IEEE Dan has been EPS chapter chair in Santa Clara Valley (2007) and Associate Editor (AE) of the related Transactions (1998-2012) and as Member At Large (MAL) on the IEEE EPS Board (2010-2012) and as chair for an ad hoc committee for TAB (2018) and serviced on the IEEEā€USA Board as MAL (2016-2017) and as AE for IEEE Access (2013-2019) and service as a conference general chair for IEEE SusTech (2015). Dan is currently serving as 2020 IEEE/Utah section chair. Beyond IEEE, Dan served as Director for ASQ on the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (2006-2009), served on the ASME/UT board (2012-2015), served as representative on the Utah Engineers Council (2014-2015), served on the University of Utah Data Center Consortia Steering Committee (2012-2015) and serves on the “Friends of the Library” (2011-present). Dan also serves on the University of Illinois ISE Department alumni and advisory board (2019-present).


Publications can be found online.


Dan completed both a bachelor’s degree in general engineering and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, an MBA at Santa Clara and a PhD from the University of Maryland. Dan is a licensed professional engineer in Arizona, California and Utah.

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