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Talk and book launch - Dr. Phillip Kalantzis-Cope: “The Work and Play of the Mind in the Information Age: Whose Property?”

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academic, political science
Modern Greek Studies, European Union Center and the Center for Global Studies
Lucy Ellis Lounge, 1080 Foreign Languages Building
Dec 8, 2017   3:00 pm  
Phillip Kalantzis-Cope
Free and open to the public
Dr. Stefanos Katsikas
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This book tells a series of living stories about a domain of social activity— “the work and play of the mind”—in a particular historical epoch, the “information age.” The stories concern political processes and movements as varied as the World Trade Organization’s Trade Organization’s Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, China’s Great Firewall, practices of image sharing in social media, Occupy Wall Street, The Arab Spring, The Alt-Right, and the use of geographical indications by indigenous peoples and farmers to defend their lifestyles. In its theoretical analysis, the book illuminates four alternative political agendas for the work and play of the mind, as they unfold through different processes for becoming property. These four “propertyscapes” represent competing visions for social life, framing projects for collective political action that are at times competing, at times overlapping. The key question of the book is whose property is the work and play of the mind? This prompts us to consider the larger question of the framing of political space, the kinds political communities we may need for the future, and the changing place of the work and play of the mind in these social imaginaries.

Phillip Kalantzis-Cope is Chief Social Scientist at Common Ground Research Networks. In this role, he works with local host committees, journal editors and advisory boards to craft themes, select speakers, and lead the overall program and strategic development of Common Ground Research Networks. He is an active member of the American Association of Publishers, currently serving on the Committee for Digital Innovation, and is the Co-Founder of NewCritcals.com. He serves on the Board of the Modern Greek Studies Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Phillip completed his PhD (Politics) The New School for Social Research in New York City. A published author, his research areas include: the political economies of 'big-data'; the nature of immaterial labor within digital networks; and the conceptual boundaries of the 'material' and 'immaterial' as a politics of intellectual property within critical social theory. He currently holds the position of University Fellow, Facility of Business, Law and Education at Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia. Phillip is also an internationally exhibited, and published, photographer.


Refreshments will be served afterward.

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