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Eating Your Own Dog Food: My Work on Web Toolkit

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Illinois Webmasters
wifi event
Jan 26, 2022   3:30 - 4:30 pm  
Bryan Jonker
Bridget Sullivan
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University of Illinois Web Conference Events

Workshop description: We all have the same concerns when introducing a new toolkit into our existing websites. Will I be able to tweak how it looks? How easy is it to use? Will it play well with other systems? Will it make my job easier? As both a developer on the University Web Toolkit and a user of the toolkit on our college sites, I’m here to answer these concerns. I’ll also have a list of sites and techniques you can use to help you figure out issues, reach out for help, and determine the best way forward for you.

Speaker bio: Bryan Jonker has been working at the College of Education since 2014 after working in the corporate world. He makes sure the college's web sites and other technology-related communications solutions effectively serve the college's ability to recruit the best students and faculty and to raise the profile of the college. He is focused on .NET, but has branched out into JavaScript, design, usability studies, accessibility, and has even done some WordPress work. He also likes cats.

Social Media: Twitter: @bryanjonker, @edILLINOIS; Facebook: educationatillinois

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