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Movie Evening: "Never on Sunday" (Pote ten Kyriake, in Greek), directed by Jules Dassin

Event Type
Film Screening
Department of Linguistics; Less Common Taught Langauges (LCTL); Modern Greek Studies
Lucy Ellis Lounge (room 1080), Foreign Language Building (FLB), 707 S. Mathews Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801, USA.
Feb 12, 2014   6:00 pm  
No cost-Free entry
Dr. Stephanos Katsikas, Director of Modern Greek Studies at the UIUC
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Summary: (Black-and-white film) Illia is Piraeus's most popular person: an energetic prostitute, full of life and good humor. Every day, she swims at the pier, entertaining the dock hands. Sundays she has an open house with food, drink and song. Homer Thrace, an amateur philosopher from Middletown, Conn., arrives in town to find out why Greece has fallen from ancient greatness. He decides Illia is a symbol of that fall, so he sets out to study and to save her. Unknown to Illia, he gets the money for the books and all else he gives her from Mr. No Face, the local vice boss who wants Illia retired because her independence gives other whores ideas. Whose spirit is stronger: Homer's classical ideal or Illia's?

Cast:Melina Merkouri; Jules Dassin; Dimitris Papamichael; Allexis Tolomor

Melina Mercouri was the Grand Prize for the Best Performance at the Cannes International Film Festival 1960

Film in English

Free pizza and beverages will be served

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