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Critical Refugee Studies Collective Fall Conference

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Critical Refugee Studies Collective
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Nov 19, 2021 - Nov 20, 2021   All Day
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Asian American Studies

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Day 1 Program, November 19

Session 1: Graduate Student Grantees

Brent Eng, Ahmed Correa-Alvarez, Melina Economou, Saugher Nojan

Session 2: Graduate Student Grantees

Vianny Gavilanes, Christiane Assefa, Samantha Streuli, Rebecca Wear, Lisa Dring

Session 3: Faculty Grantees

Tammy Ho, Yehuda Sharim, Alexander Fattal

Session 4: Community Org Grantees

United Taxi Workers of San Diego, Cham Refugees Community, Southeast Asian Student Coalition, Majdal Community Center

Session 5: Artist Grantees

Rita Phetmixay, Michelle Barnardino, Krysada Phounsiri


Day 2 Program, November 20

Paper Titles

Session 1:

Sarah Grant, “Coffee at What Cost? Monoculture, Indigeneity, and Resistance in Vietnam”

Sylvia Tiwon, “Clove, Nutmeg, and the Invention of Scarcity.”

Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu, “From Moana Nui to the West Berkeley Shellmound, Indigenous Solidarities and Protecting the Sacred”

Session 2:

Haleh Zandi, “Sowing Seeds of a Local Peace Economy”

Lidieth Arevalo, “Ethical storytelling: The importance of Authentic Immigrant Stories by Immigrant Storytellers”

Session 3:

Patricia Rojas-Zambrano, “Stories of home, loss, and healing: how participatory media, storytelling and arts-based processes promote immigrant and refugee wellness”

Nicole Barakat, “al-qalb yasmaa/the heart listens”

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