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The Scandinavian Model: Social Cohesion, Cultural Diversity, and Trust in Institutions in Northern Europe (Conversations on Europe)

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European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh
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Dec 3, 2020   11:00 am - 12:30 pm  
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The European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh’s Conversations on Europe series of moderated virtual roundtables connects top experts from North Africa and Europe to discuss contemporary issues facing Europe and the Transatlantic relationship. As part of the Year of Creating Europe, previous sessions have focused on different attempts to create unity through diversity across Europe. In this session, the focus is on Scandinavia. A panel of experts discuss how this region created social cohesion and costs and benefits that come with it. In its efforts to make a nation that is diverse but coalesces, how has Scandinavia been able to create trust in its institutions? Register Here:

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