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Long-Distance Love: An Immigration Tour

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Cosponsored by the New American Welcome Center at the University YMCA
Sep 15, 2022   1:00 pm  
Krannert Art Museum
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Do you have a long-distance-love? Reunite with your loved ones across time and space at the Long-Distance-Love virtual museum tour.

As part of Welcoming Week 2022, Krannert Art Museum invites you to explore themes of love, belonging, loneliness, and migration through artworks at museum. Invite anyone from anywhere in the world; the tour will be held at various times to support loved ones joining us from different time zones. Every virtual tour is held at 7 pm local time in the destination country listed below. 

Let’s gather to celebrate and lament for our long-distance loves–of people, places, and things!


Long-Distance Love tours will be held in English, via Zoom (which may not be available in all countries). 

Registration for each session is capped at 15 participants, to make space for conversation. The tour is 60 minutes long.

Registration is required to attend this virtual event. | Register Online



Krannert Art Museum endeavors to be accessible to all. This tour is captioned in English. If you have an accessibility question or would like to request an accommodation, please email us at

Tour Schedule

UTC + 1
Thursday, 15th September
19:00 hours (7pm) CDT: 15th Sept, 13:00 pm

  Algeria: Algiers
  Angola: Luanda
  Benin: Porto-Novo
  CAR: Bangui
  Cameroon: Yaoundé
  Chad: N’Djamena
  Congo: Brazzaville
  DR Congo: Kinshasa
  Equatorial Guinea: Malabo
  Faroe Islands: Tórshavn
  Gabon: Libreville
  Guernsey: St Peter Port
  Ireland: Dublin
  Isle of Man: Douglas
  Jersey: Saint Helier
  Morocco: Rabat
  Niger: Niamey
  Nigeria: Abuja
  Tunisia: Tunis
  United Kingdom: London
  Western Sahara: Laayoune

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