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Twine Reading Group

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Department of Linguistics
wifi event
Apr 23, 2021   2:00 pm  
Dr. Randall Sadler
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Please join us in a new reading group focused on how to use the tool Twine to create Interactive Fiction (IF) and Games.  Interactive Fiction as a genre is defined as a ‘primarily’ text-based game or electronic environment that often follows a literary narrative.  Twine can also be used to create graphically-enhanced text adventures and other learning game.  In this group we will explore Twine together in order to discover:


  • what Twine is,
  • how it connects to IF,
  • how it can be used for education,
  • how easy it is for anyone to use, &
  • the depth of programming it also allows.


We’ll explore together, create a joint resource for educators who want to use Twine, and make some awesome IF. While there may be some reading in this ‘reading’ group, it will mostly be about exploring this technology together and creating some great IF!

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