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Archery Hunting Simulation 3D Shoot

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Illinois Natural History Survey
Chain o' Lakes State Park (Spring Grove, IL)
Aug 14, 2022   12:00 - 4:00 pm  
Registration required!
Illinois Learn to Hunt

You know it’s time to start shooting your bow and getting ready for the upcoming fall. Come on out and shoot with us in a fun new hunting simulation archery shoot. Participants are required to provide their own archery equipment (e.g., vertical bow, arrows, etc.). Please read all the rules below.

This new type of archery event encourages training with archery equipment in real life hunting scenarios! Compound and traditional bows are allowed, and the event is free for all adults (18+), but pre-registration is required.

We are setting up a new 3D archery course at Chain of Lakes on Sunday August 14th. The targets will be set up along a course (similar to golf) with a shooting pad and a target at each station. Yardage will be unknown to the shooter and the event will be timed.

Shots in the vitals region will be scored and shots hitting the target outside the vitals will result in penalty. We will have prize packages for the top male and female archer of the day as well as randomly select one participant (regardless of score) to also win a prize package!


Sign up for a time slot today as spots are limited. You won’t want to miss this one!


Event Rules:

A course is created to simulate a real-life hunting scenario with (9) 3D archery targets. The targets will be placed along a walking path similar to how golf courses are laid out. Each target will have a “shooting pad”, archers must shoot from this area. The yardage varies at each station and is unknown to the archer. LtH staff will ensure that each shot is in a safe direction.


There are no poundage limits or requirements, but archers must use hand drawn vertical bows. Release aids (releases) are allowed.


Crossbows are not allowed at this event (targets aren’t rated for them), but compound and traditional bows may be used in the same division.


No broadheads are allowed, only field and practice points without cutting blades.


No use of rangefinders will be allowed.


Once on the “shooting pad” archers have (15) seconds to take one shot at the 3d target.


A total time limit will be established with the LtH crew taking a couple practice rounds to establish a fair time for the entire 9 target course. Walking time plus shooting (15s) at 9 “shooting pads” equals the total time limit. Example 10-minute total time limit per archer.


An official scorer (LtH staff) will walk with each archer, keeping time and score.


Each 3D archery target will have a circular bullseye type target placed on the vitals. The target will consist of a 10-point ring in the center, a larger 8-point ring around that and a larger 6-point ring around that. This target should cover the vitals (lungs and heart).


Shots that hit the 3D target but outside of the 6-point ring will receive negative points as they represent possible wounded game. Penalty of -2 points for shots that strike the target outside the ring. Shots that miss everything all together will be 0 points with no penalty. Note: finding arrows counts towards total time.


Targets must be between 5 yards and 50 yards from the shooting pad. The range should vary throughout the course.


There will be a male division and a female division with the top scorer in each division winning equal prizes.


One participant will be randomly selected to also win a prize regardless of score.


To register, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/archery-hunting-simulation-3d-shoot-tickets-391084322737

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