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The New Academy Series Presents Dave Morris

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The New Academy
English Building Room 160
Feb 7, 2020   3:00  
Dave Morris
Dave Morris

For the next installment of our series The New Academy, Dave Morris will discuss his book project, Public Religions in the Future World: Post-Secularism and Utopia (forthcoming from University of Georgia Press).

Dave Morris is Senior Lecturer in English here at UI, and teaches Rhetoric, Literature, and Film. His primary research interests lie in religion and utopianism in contemporary literature.

In the professional lives of our non-tenure-track faculty, the relation between creative or research work is not always transparent, but nonetheless plays an increasing role in the lives of faculty and students. To explore this development for non-tenure faculty, ‘The New Academy,’ a reading and podcast series, offers small portraits of adjunct professional life.

For more information about the series, please follow The New Academy Series on Facebook, see the New Academy website, and find episodes of our podcast on the New Academy SoundCloud page.


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