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Grainger Engineering Career Fair (Virtual)

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Professional Development
Grainger College of Engineering Career Services
Sep 27, 2023   11:00 am - 3:00 pm  
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Join us for the Fall 2023 Grainger College of Engineering Virtual Career Fair! We are pleased to offer you another opportunity to have safe, quality one-on-one conversations with quality employers. 

Check out company list and ECS Career Fair Tips 

Here are the top 7 ways to get ready for this fantastic opportunity to find a great internship or full-time job:

1. Prepare for the virtual environment
Speaking with an employer via video might feel a little awkward. You can still make the virtual environment work for you with the following steps:
A. Upload your resume to Handshake and make sure your Handshake profile is public so recruiters can access it
B. Test your technology to ensure that your camera and microphone work properly
C. Try your best to look into your camera and ask the recruiter if they can hear you when you begin speaking
D. Do not multi-task. Focus on the conversation and stay engaged
E. You do not have to wear a suit. However, you should wear a nice top and bottoms and make sure you are well-groomed
F. Learn how to navigate the virtual platform (use this resource) and visit the Student Help Room during the event if you have difficulty

2. Update your resume and have it reviewed by ECS
Your resume is the primary tool that will help employers understand what you can do for their organization. Make sure that it effectively shows how you can put your skills into practical action.

3. Create and practice your Elevator Pitch with someone
Your elevator pitch is not a script for you to memorize and recite verbatim. It is a "mental outline" to help you organize and remember the main qualities you want an employer to know when you introduce yourself. It should flow naturally and not come across as robotic.

4. Review the list of companies that are attending and sign-up for one-on-one sessions immediately
You probably won't have time to visit every booth. Also, not every employer is seeking someone with your specific skills and interest. Make the most of your time by prioritizing companies whose needs match what you have to offer.

5. Make time to research a company before you speak with a recruiter
Researching a company is one of the best ways to impress recruiters and let them know that you are genuinely interested in their company. Here is the information you should seek:
A. Know what jobs they have posted on Handshake or their website.
B. Check out their social media platforms to find out about new product releases and other current events
C. Visit their company website to ensure you know their primary line of business, mission, and values

6. Prepare a follow-up game plan

It is important to maintain the good energy and momentum you will create during your career fair conversations by taking the following steps:
A. Write down the first and last name of the recruiter you meet
B. Politely ask the recruiter if they would share an email address where you can keep in touch. Prepare to graciously accept a decline
C. Send recruiters an email (if they shared contact info) or a LinkedIn connection request within 24-48 hours after the career fair

7. Allow Engineering Career Services to help you
We here are for you and we want you to succeed! Whether you attend our workshops, visit us during drop-in advising, or schedule a one-on-one advising appointment, we can help you prepare to have a productive, enjoyable career fair experience! Contact us at with your questions.  

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