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CAD for Network Architectures with Archie (Speaker's own work, in submission) & Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering: Perspectives and Challenges

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The Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois and FM/SE Seminar
SC 0216
wifi event
Mar 1, 2024   2:00 pm  
Rahul Bothra, UIUC & Mu-Chun Wang, UIUC
Isha Chaudhary

Talk 1 Abstract

Architects today grapple with an increasingly complex and evolving landscape of network designs whose components interact in more nuanced ways than can reasonably fit in a human’s working memory. Our key observation is that many nuances can be distilled into simple “rules-of-thumb”, amenable to efficient analysis with lightweight reasoning. Archie takes architects’ design goals and constraints as input, and outputs feasible system and hardware deployment options. This enables architects to quickly determine the feasibility of various points in the design space while avoiding documented pitfalls. Archie is thus a framework that captures the insights gained from the community’s research and evaluation efforts in a comprehensive and machine-readable format. We evaluate Archie’s effectiveness by walking through several complex scenarios where architects can use Archie to navigate a nuanced design space.

Talk 2 Abstract

Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering is the hottest trend in the rapidly growing software world. AI techniques are powerful and easy to use as it can be easily deployed as key components of the system. The fusion of both these techniques emerges four new innovative research areas which require extensive research in the future. The application of AI techniques in the Software Engineering field poses many opportunities and risks for software organizations and handling these issues is essential before the selection of appropriate techniques. In this paper, we present an introduction, new emerging fields with the fusion of Artificial Intelligence with Software Engineering, challenges, and a conclusion. 

Authors: Kirti Bhandari; Kuldeep Kumar; Amrit Lal Sangal  

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