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ECE Explorations (200): Digital Health at Eli Lilly: Leveraging Connected Technologies at the Intersection of Biosensors, Data Engineering, and Data Analysis

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Eli Lilly and Company
1002 Grainger Auditorium, ECEB
Sep 6, 2023   5:00 pm  
Andrew Kaczorek, Solution Architect and Regan Giesting, Data Engineer at Eli Lilly
Kat Darr | Office of Advancement


The world of digital health technologies is rapidly expanding, especially at Eli Lilly & Company, where various biosensors have been implemented into connected clinical trials. With the integration of digital devices into connected clinical trials comes collection of very large datasets, as well as the question of how to handle this data. Lilly has developed a sensor cloud platform that supports the ingestion, processing, visualization, and analysis of these datasets. This capability has ultimately impacted innovation in many aspects, including connected clinical trials and digital biomarker research. Two members of the team who helped develop these new capabilities will present details about the platform and their personal career paths that led them to this research.


Andrew Kaczorek (Solution Architect) has worked at Lilly for 15 years and has been in the IT industry for 24 years. Beginning in platform engineering, he has also contributed in the areas of high performance computing and full-stack development. Currently, he uses his background in cloud computing and system architecture to design and build Digital Health solutions for Eli Lilly.

Regan Giesting (Data Engineer) serves as a data engineer for Lilly’s Digital Health organization. Beginning her career at Lilly 4 years ago, Regan has enjoyed leveraging her computer science and biology background to support connected clinical trials and develop Lilly’s sensor cloud.

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