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ECE Explorations (200): ECE Alumni Hardware Engineering Panel

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Nov 3, 2021   5:00 pm  
Ashwarya Rajwardan, RF Design Engineer at Apple, Adwaita Dani, Hardware Engineer at Microsoft, and Fansheng Shi, Lidar Electrical Engineer at Aurora Innovation
Kat Darr | Office of Advancement

Ashwarya Rajwardan, RF Design Engineer at Apple


Apple Inc, Ash Rajwardan, RF Design Engineer. "Career in RF Hardware Engineering". This presentation aims to provide students an insight into RF Hardware Engineering and what a career in this field might entail. In addition, recommended coursework at ECE Illinois is provided for students who are interested in pursuing this field.


I am an alumnus of ECE Illinois and graduated with a BS and an MS degree in Electrical Engineering in 2016 and 2019 respectively. I am currently a RF Hardware Design engineer at Apple working on design and development of radio front-end systems for cellular applications such as 5G NR and LTE. I have been with my team for 2.5 years and helped ship the iPhone 12 series, Apple's first set of 5G enabled smartphones and the latest iPad mini. Prior to joining Apple as a full-time engineer, I did an 8 month co-op within the same organization and a 3 month internship at Qualcomm focusing on cellular radio systems development. During my time at UIUC I was also involved with research under José E. Schutt-Ainé focusing on equalization techniques for high speed serial links.


Fansheng Shi, Lidar Electrical Engineer at Aurora Innovation

Presentation Title: Lessons learned from the Journey to the West (Silicon Valley)


This presentation is aimed to provide valuable insights into board-level electrical
system engineering in the modern consumer and automotive industries, and recommended
paths to get there. Topics include an overview of the system-level electrical hardware,
day-to-day engineering life, getting internships and job offers, valuable learnings from
industry, and career development advice.


I am currently an electrical system engineer in the LiDAR team at Aurora Innovation, a
self-driving company. My primary responsibility includes electrical systems requirements
generation and architecture definition. Previously, I’ve worked at Google for 5 years, where I
worked for 2.5 years as a hardware system integration engineer for the Pixel team delivering
the Pixel 3 phone, followed by 2.5 years as a hardware systems engineer on the Android TV
team, where I developed the Google assistant far-field voice audio pipeline for TVs.
My internships consisted of an 8-month co-op at Apple where I worked as a system
integration intern focusing on performance characterization on iPhone accessories such as
lighting to USB3 camera adapter, Iphone6 smart battery case, and Airpods, and lastly a
summer internship at S&C electrical where I worked in the electronics group focusing on
high power testing and component spice modeling and Monte-Carlo simulation.
I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with B.S in EE Fall 2015.
Currently, I am pursuing a part-time master of engineering at UIUC with a focus on Signal
Processing, AI, and Robotics.


Adwaita Dani, Electrical Engineer at Microsoft Surface

Presentation Title:

Connecting the dots forward


This is a presentation about my experiences in the consumer electronics industry, where concepts learned in Sophomore and Junior ECE classes helped me solve complex problems.


I am currently an Electrical Engineer in the Laptops product line at Microsoft Surface Hardware. I have shipped two generations of Surface Laptops so far and my areas of focus have been power electronics, high speed signal integrity, and thermal performance. As a part of a system integration team, I’ve also had the opportunity to work closely with professionals from other disciplines, such as silicon architecture, user experience and business planning, on positioning our products to meet customer needs.

Prior to my full-time role, I interned at Microsoft Surface during the summer of 2017. I also did an 8-month co-op at Apple in 2016 during which I worked on the in-ear detection feature of the first-generation Apple AirPods.

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Electrical Engineering in the Fall of 2017.

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