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ECE Explorations (200): Moore’s Law is dead. Now what?

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Illinois ECE
Oct 21, 2020   5:00 pm  
David Morgan (UIUC B.S. in Computer Engineering 1997) Engineer with Aechelon Technology
Kat Darr | Office of Advancement | 1070 ECEB


David Morgan graduated from UIUC with a B.S. in Computer Engineering in 1997.  While a student, he was Chairman of the UIUC ACM chapter, SIGArch, and the Reflections|Projections conference.  David worked as an ASIC designer for Silicon Graphics until 1999, when he joined Aechelon Technology, where he has been a software engineer, computer engineer, and engineering manager.  Proudly serving the United States military and its allies, Aechelon Technology makes industry-leading real-time 3D graphics for flight simulation.


In early 2019, Jensen Huang made an incredible admission, which was previously unthinkable for any semiconductor CEO to utter: Moore’s Law is dead.  This “Law” observed by Gordon Moore has been the economic engine powering the computer industry for nearly 50 years.  How can we continue to make devices faster and/or cheaper without the ever-rising tide of smaller and more efficient transistors?  The clue to solve the riddle is that Jensen is the CEO of NVIDIA, which makes GPUs.  Today’s GPUs feature thousands of cores, which can be used for applications other than the video games for which they were originally designed.  We discuss how Aechelon uses the power of the GPU to continue to expand the performance boundaries of 3D Graphics, Image Processing, and AI.


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