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ECE Explorations (200): Pulse Keynote Speaker - David Yang, "Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast"

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PULSE - Illinois ECE
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Feb 3, 2021   5:00 - 6:00 pm  
Pulse Keynote Speaker - David Yang, CEO and Co-Founder of Fullstack Academy
Kat Darr | Office of Advancement

College is the best time to get yourself ready for entrepreneurship and an almost impossible environment to recreate later in life.  Set yourself up for success by doing the right things now.  This talk is what I would tell my children about strategies and tactics for giving/getting the most out of school to prepare yourself for startup success.

David Yang is CEO and co-founder of Fullstack Academy, a YCombinator-backed tech-skills bootcamp focused on training students for great tech careers. Since its founding in 2013, Fullstack Academy has graduated 3000+ students who now work at companies like Google, Facebook, Palantir, Segment and Airbnb. Fullstack Academy was acquired by Zovio (a NASDAQ listed company) in 2019.  

Before Fullstack Academy, David built and managed engineering teams for several years at companies like Gilt Groupe, RecycleBank and BrightWire Media. David previously worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo! and has always enjoyed mentoring and growing great engineers. David graduated from Illinois in 2004 with a BSEE and a minor in Computer Science.  While at Illinois, David was on the board of Engineering Council, IEEE, HKN and the Editor-in-Chief of the Technograph. David is also a graduate of Uni High.

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