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WIT presents Power Skills: Making the Most of Your Power Skills

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Professional Development
Women in Technology
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May 23, 2024   3:00 - 4:00 pm  
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Join Women in Technology for our next online Power Skills Series session, Making the Most of Your Power Skills, on May 23rd at 3 PM via Zoom to explore these questions and more.

How do you expand and practice power skills? 

How does one receive recognition for your power skills as you do for technical skills?

How do we leverage power skills as a team?

Prepare for the Making the Most of Your Power Skills session:

If you are interested in joining this session or exploring our power skills, we recommend you take one of the free self-evaluations included in the  Power Skills Handout to learn more about your own power skills.

In the April WIT Power Skills: Building Blocks to Success session, we discussed power skills and their importance. The first session video recording is on Illinois Media, and additional resources are attached to the recording.

WIT has decided to focus next academic year on power skills you want to explore and enhance. We need your feedback to curate these sessions, so we have created a short survey. Please fill out the WIT Power Skills Interest Survey to help us in our planning.

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