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January Web Con Workshop: WIGG Analytics Group: Building skill sharing community on-campus

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University of Illinois Web Conference
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Jan 24, 2024   2:30 - 3:30 pm  
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Workshop description:

Have you ever looked at all the information that Google Analytics provides and thought, "Now what"? You are not alone! A group of campus colleagues formed the WIGG Analytics Group to help you get started. The Analytics Group is building a community of best practices, creating quick-start guides, and providing other documentation to help you leverage your data:  

In a moderated panel discussion, WIGG Analytics Group members will talk about: 

  • the history of the WIGG Analytics community on campus   
  • a high-level overview of how to capture meaningful information from Google Analytics    
  • questions and problems that campus groups have encountered   
  • the future of campus analytics, and how you can help and benefit from this community  
  • any questions you may have about Google Analytics or the WIGG Analytics Group

Do you have any questions for us? Fill out this form in advance of the workshop!

Speaker bios:

Kelly Birky (Senior Associate Director, Marketing & Strategic Communications) is a marketing professional with a passion for analytics and market research. In CITL, her main responsibilities include managing the Illinois Online brand and helping units across campus with their marketing and recruitment strategies. 

 Bryan Jonker has been a web developer for IT Partners at the College of Education since 2014, making sure the websites, digital signs, and technology-related communication solutions serve the college. Bryan is also heavily involved in the Web Implementation Guidelines Group project, focusing on web components, accessibility, and analytics. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys role-playing games, board games, walks, and taking care of cats. 

Rashmi Tenneti, the Director of Analytics and Alignment, combines meaningful metrics, data-based storytelling, process documentation, and project management to enhance team efficiency and drive strategic decision-making. Beyond her role at the Office of StratCom, Rashmi finds fulfillment in teaching an Advertising class and serving on the board of the local not-for-profit, Ten Thousand Villages. During her leisure time, she enjoys reading, spends time with her beloved dog, Puri, and explores the local food scene. 

Xiao (Helen) Zhou is a Senior Web Application Developer at the University Library. She holds a master’s degree in information science and learning technologies. With over fifteen years of experience at the University, she has developed the web presence of the Library and provided IT consultation and support. She is an active member of the analytics community and the IT Accessibility Liaison group on campus. Outside of work, she enjoys swimming, experimenting with healthy cooking, and listening to podcasts. 

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