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Cassio Turra, Mar 23, 2pm

Lemann Lecture Series: Cassio Turra

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Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies
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Mar 23, 2021   2:00 - 3:30 pm  
Cassio Turra
Elis Artz

Tuesday, March 23rd
2:00 - 3:30 PM
ZOOM Meeting: https://illinois.zoom.us/s/89641541806
Meeting ID: 896 4154 1806 Passcode: 846707

Cassio Turra, Centro de Desenvolvimento e Planejamento Regional da UFMG (CEDEPLAR)
Socioeconomic Differences in Adult Mortality in Brazil: What Have we Learned so Far?

Mortality decline began in the 1940s in Brazil. It is associated with public health measures, technological advances, and the industrialization and urbanization processes. Numerous aspects of the mortality transition in Brazil have been widely investigated. The list includes the determinants of infant mortality decline, changes in the structure of death causes, levels of under-registration of deaths, and regional variations in mortality. However, earlier research has paid little attention to the effects of socioeconomic changes on survival gains. This drawback is unfortunate, particularly for a very unequal country such as Brazil. The most significant difficulty is finding reliable data to generate robust estimates that correlate individual characteristics to mortality. Scholars have recently used and combined demographic and statistical methods, census, death records, and survey data to overcome these limitations. The effort has resulted in new evidence about the socioeconomic differences in adult mortality in Brazil. In this seminar, I will discuss the importance of examining the association between economic and demographic measures and share the methodological advances made over the last years regarding adult mortality. I will also compare Brazilian estimates with results from other countries, highlighting differences and similarities. I will end by talking about what we still must learn on this topic in Brazil, the prospects for new data collections, and the future research agenda.


Cassio M. Turra is Associate Professor of Demography in the Department of Demography/Cedeplar at UFMG, Brazil, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on demographic methods, population issues, and economic demography. After earning his Ph.D. in Demography from the University of Pennsylvania in 2004, he spent two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Office of Population Research and the Center for Health and Wellbeing at Princeton University. His research encompasses many aspects of transitions in the life course, including the patterns of intergenerational allocations of monetary and time flows in the economic life cycle; the impact of public policies to various well-being measures, including education, labor, and health; and the relationships between life challenges, social-economic environment, health, and mortality in adult populations.

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