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Masters Defense by Gabriella L. Jukkala

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Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
N-527 Turner Hall
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Nov 10, 2022   9:00 am  
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Age-Specific Reproductive Success and its Contributing Factors in the Endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler

Advisors: Dr. Jinelle H. Sperry and Dr. Michael P. Ward 

Reproductive success improved through middle-age for many long-lived bird specs, but less is known about age-specific patterns in short-lived species, which often lack the sample sizes required to compare success across multiple ages. First-time breeders are generally expected to have the lowest success, but the underlying cause is less clear, as the contributing factors vary among species. Determining how and why reproductive success varies with age is critical for endangered species because it can improve population models and inform age-specific management actions, thereby aiding recovery. I examined age-specific reproductive success and its contributing factors in a short-lived, endangered songbird, the golden-cheeked Warbler. I first used long-term nest monitoring data to compare reproductive rates among multiple male age classes. I then examined age-related variation in multiple factors that could reduce the success of first-time breeders, including breeding timing, laying ability, parental behavior, and habitat. Finally, I used model selection to determine the primary factors driving age-specific differences in success.  


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