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Workshop: Practical Statistics and Models to Understand Vector-Borne Diseases

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Midwest Center of Excellence in Vector-Borne Disease
Room 1261 Veterinary Medicine Basic Science Building (VMBSB; 2001 South Lincoln Avenue)
Feb 8, 2018 - Feb 9, 2018   All Day
Marilyn O’Hara
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This workshop will provide an overview of statistics and models specific to vector-borne diseases. The responsibilities of public health, mosquito, and vector control personnel often involve the need to address the quantitative side of questions related to vector-borne diseases. For many people, formal course work in statistics may have been many years ago, and models designed to understand and predict patterns of risk can seem too abstract or technical to have practical application. This workshop provides conceptual insights, essential technical skills, and practical applications to improve participants’ ability to:

  • Describe the distribution of infections in people, vectors, or animal hosts across different times and places
  • Create and interpret maps and graphs
  • Develop and understand outcomes from causal, statistical, and dynamic models
  • Understand limitations of diagnostic outcomes, measurement, and model prediction.

The workshop will be built around a set of modules. Each module includes a lecture, applied exercise, and discussion. The exercises will use a combination of Excel, Open source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health http://openepi.com/menu/OE_Menu.htm, the free version of VenSim, and the QGIS software. Exercises and examples will focus on applications of concepts related to vector-borne diseases.

Module Topics:

  • Means, standard deviation, statistical distributions
  • Visualizations across time and space
  • Rate and risk including the CDC WNV Pooled infection rate approach
  • Causal relationships
  • Model demystified
  • Assessing Diagnostics test
  • Practical exercise to address a VBD outbreak

The registration fee is $25 and the deadline to register is January 19th, 2018.

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