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Imaging Biomarker Discovery Program Proposal Submission Deadline

Event Type
funding opportunity
Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine
Jan 2, 2018   All Day
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Mayo Clinic & Illinois Alliance for Technology-Based Healthcare

The Imaging Biomarker Discovery Program (IBMD) in the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM) seeks proposals for studies designed to translate novel imaging biomarkers that address identified but as yet unmet clinical needs within the Mayo Clinic enterprise. The biomarker must have the potential to improve disease detection, classification, prognosis, or therapy response prediction. Application of other novel imaging technologies and original study design will also be considered.


Funding Level
CIM will provide funding to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign based on scope of the proposal and will be up to approximately $75,000. Projects are to be completed within one calendar year. All proposals must include a lead investigator from both Mayo Clinic and Illinois.


More information, including guidelines, proposal preparation, selection criteria and how to submit an application, can be found here.


The deadline for submitting a proposal is January 2, 2018.


Questions? Contact Kiaran McGee (mcgee.kiaran@mayo.edu), PhD, Director, Imaging Biomarker Discovery Program or Leila Jones (jones.leila@mayo.edu), PhD, Operations Manager, Imaging Biomarker Discovery Program.

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