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Rest and Recover: How "Good Rest" Can Lead to Breakthroughs

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Graduate College
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Feb 23, 2022   3:30 - 5:00 pm  
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In a fast-paced environment that increasingly measures and prioritizes productivity, it’s no surprise that many report feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. The competing claims of work, family, and other responsibilities can contribute to a climate in which being “busy” and “sleep-deprived” are badges of honor, while “vacation” seems a dirty word.


This workshop presents the counterintuitive claim that good rest—which we will carefully define—is not only necessary for maintaining balance in the face of multiple obligations but is also critical to enjoying breakthroughs in research and work alike. We will discuss not only the research behind rest and recovery but also some of the strategies that you can use to identify and prioritize "good rest."


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