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The Classroom and the Future of the Historical Record: An Open Symposium

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Humanities Without Walls Consortium, IPRH, iSchool, Departments of History at UIUC, MSU, and UNL
Room 126, iSchool (501 E. Daniel St.)
May 21, 2018   9:15 am - 5:00 pm  
Nathan Tye

9:15am: Opening Remarks
John Randolph (UIUC)

9:45-10:15am: Historical Thinking with Data: Reading, Contextualizing, Transforming and Interpreting
Sharon Leon, Brandon Locke, and Alice Lynn McMichael (MSU)

10:15-10:45am: History Harvest, Community & K-12 Pedagogy
Aaron Johnson and Patrick Jones (UNL)

11:00-11:20am: Digital Documentary Editing in the Classroom
John Randolph (UIUC)

11:20-11:40am: Public History and the Historical Record
Kathryn Oberdeck and Dan Gilbert (UIUC)

11:45-12:15pm: Summary Discussion

1:30-2:00pm: Data Histories: Devices of Seeing, Describing, and Managing the World
Bonnie Mak (UIUC) and Dan Liu (UIUC/Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)

2:15-4:15pm: Open Seminar / Discussion of Common Readings

4:15-5:00pm: Concluding Discussion

Part of a two-day workshop sponsored by the Humanities Without Walls Consortium, the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, the iSchool, Departments of History at UIUC, MSU, and UNL.

For readings and additional information see:

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