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Bio-Humanities Undergraduate Research Symposium

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IPRH, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
IPRH Lecture Hall, Fourth Floor, Levis Faculty Center (919 West Illinois Street, Urbana, IL)
Apr 20, 2018   2:00 - 5:00 pm  

Time is traditionally viewed as regulated, unending, and constant, yet one can relate to the feeling of time flying by in moments of joy or moving along at a snail’s pace in moments of boredom. This symposium will explore the paradox between these two relationships to time, which intersect and diverge from each other throughout daily life. By integrating models of time and temporality from various biological and cultural disciplines, we aim to form a more comprehensive understanding of the subjective experience of time. An art exhibition featuring thought-provoking pieces that illustrate the malleable nature of human temporality will accompany the presentations.

This event is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. It is a part of the activities coordinated by the University of Illinois Office of Undergraduate Research for Undergraduate Research Week.



“Unwinding Time and Temporality” by the 2017-2018 IPRH-Mellon Bio-Humanities Undergraduate InternsVictoria Halewicz (Psychology & minor in Communication), Hyun Park (Psychology and English), and Henry Yeary (English and Psychology), with Sarah Kats (Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Anna Dmitrievna (Integrative Biology)
“Reduced Stomatal Density for Higher Water Use Efficiency in Sorghum”

Erica Jean Hernandez (Biology)
“Influence of aquatic habitat quality on seasonal diapause induction in Cx. pipiens”

Veronica Severini (Art History)
“Scientific Illustration in Early Modern Europe”

Divya Surabhi (Biology)
“Influence of Early Experience on the Development of Depression”

Taylor Walker (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
“Genetics in the Health of African Americans: Obesity and Ovarian Cancer”

Ryan Walton (Human Development and Family Studies)
“Globalization: U.S. Food and Beverage Advertisements within Jamaica”



Greer Durham (Art + Design)

Mandi Shi (Studio Art) and Lingjun Jiang (Studio Art and Art History)
“The Universe”

Camille Ruiz-Funes (Graphic Design)

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