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The Future of Accountable Policing in the United States

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Hosted by Cline Center for Advanced Social Research. Cosponsored by the Humanities Research Institute.
Oct 28, 2022   2:30 - 4:30 pm  
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Cline Center for Advanced Social Research

2022 Cline Symposium Roundtable Event

Policing in America is at a critical juncture. With nationwide protests and calls for reform following the unlawful killing of George Floyd, police departments around the country have been facing renewed pressure from advocacy groups, law-makers, and community members to put into place meaningful reforms that increase accountability and rebuild trust. Yet this same pressure is also creating challenges for law-enforcement agencies that are struggling with low morale and an inability to hire and retain highly qualified officers at a time when criminal activity and gun violence are rising. Many voices in both advocacy and law enforcement groups agree that changes need to be made, but they often disagree about the nature and scope of what needs to be done. The 2022 Cline Symposium addresses a central question in this debate: What is the future of accountable policing in the United States?

Four distinguished experts will serve as keynote roundtable panelists for this event:

Dr. Theron Bowman (Principal, The Bowman Group)

Dr. Hans Menos (Vice President of the Triage Response Team, Center for Policing Equity)

Dr. Renée Mitchell (Co-Founder, American Society of Evidence-Based Policing)

Chaclyn Hunt (Legal Director, Invisible Institute).

These distinguished experts will discuss proposed reforms and points of tension reflected in varying perspectives on the changing role of policing in American society. The roundtable event will be open to the public through an online streaming session.

Please RSVP for event reminders and Zoom information (online streaming information will be provided to everyone who RSVPs)

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