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4th Annual Graduate Student Symposium in Memory Studies

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The Initiative in Holocaust, Genocide, Memory Studies (HGMS)
106 Main Library (and Lucy Ellis Lounge (Ground floor of FLB, 707 South Matthews, Urbana for Coffee and Lunch)
Mar 25, 2022   10:00 am - 4:00 pm  
Brett Ashley Kaplan

The Initiative in Holocaust, Genocide, Memory Studies (HGMS) invites abstracts from graduate students at UIUC for a one-day symposium to take place on campus on Friday March 25th from 10am-4pm (lunch will be provided for all conference participants if the weather allows us to eat outside). The inaugural and two subsequent annual symposia were wonderful, and we hope that this conference will continue to showcase diverse and brilliant work within memory studies (broadly conceived). It will be an opportunity to share ideas and resources, to schmooze and connect. This will also be a great time to practice conference papers and receive invaluable feedback from faculty and other graduate students.

The closing performance of the symposium will be Voices: Memory as Connection, an exciting collaborative weaving-writing project put together by Azlan Smith. Please go here for more, and please submit a memory!

We invite applications from graduate students working in different fields and with diverse interests across the UIUC and UCLA campuses. These aspects of memory studies might include (but are not limited to): racial aspects of memory, gender and memory, neuroscience, disability studies, how societies remember, the construction of national narratives, discipline and the state, vulnerability, cultural and/or religious practices of memory, museums, archiving, representation and art, sciences of memory (or science and memory), technological aspects of memory, politics of memory, forgetting, erasing, and oversaturating.

Please send a brief abstract (not more than 200 words) that includes the title of your paper, your email, and your department to the director, Professor Brett Ashley Kaplan at by February 15, 2022.

This conference is organized by Claire Baytas, Claire Branigan, Dilara Çali┼čkan, Ragini Chakraborty, Brett Ashley Kaplan, and Naomi Taub. Click for more information about the Initiative in Holocaust, Genocide, Memory Studies and the Future of Trauma and Memory Studies, and the Days and Memory Blog.

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