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Fall 2022 R II: Inferential Statistics

Event Type
CITL Data Analytics
Oct 26, 2022   6:00 pm  
Free, 15$ no show fee
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CITL Statistics, Data, and Survey Research Workshop Series

R is statistical software that is licensed as an open source program under GNU license. In other words, it is free. As statistical software, it can be used for data manipulation, calculation, inference, and graphical display. It contains advanced statistical procedures often not yet available in other statistical software and is available on a variety of platforms.

This course will show you how to run the most common bivariate statistical analyses in R. Topics covered include:

  1. Chi-square and Fisher's exact test
  2. Two-Independent samples t-test
  3. One-way ANOVA
  4. Bivariate correlation
  5. Bivariate regression
  6. Multivariate regression

Each Workshop will last for 2 hours

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