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The Electron as We Know It, Is Changing

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Grainger CEME
4070 ECEB
Oct 15, 2018   3:00 - 3:50 pm  
Erica Tsypin


Very rarely do we hear the name of an auto manufacturer and an electric utility used in the same sentence. As the world moves towards a more carbon neutral future, car manufactures are forced to reimagine the automobile and what the future of mobility looks like. That carbon neutral future runs entirely on a new type of fuel – the electron.
Our relationship with the electron is more important than ever before. Not only are we relying on electricity to charge our phones or warm up our meals – but our cars, buses and other means of transportation will rely on it as well. With the onset of transportation electrification, electric utilities are now shifting focus and strategy to support the integration of new technologies, such as electric and autonomous vehicles, electric vehicle charging and vehicle-to-grid integration and they will play a critical role in this fast moving industry by creating innovative solutions to drive and ensure benefits across their customers and communities.


A seasoned and passionate electric vehicle (EV) advocate and leader, Erica Tsypin joined Exelon’s Exelorate Growth program, an internal innovation incubator, in the fall of 2017 as a Co-Founder. Her role is centered around creating innovative products and services using the lean start-up methodology to accelerate the growth of Exelon’s footprint in the mobility sector.

Erica has a B.S. in Biology and a MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Before her role within Exelon’s Corporate Innovation team, she spent four years at ComEd, Chicago’s electric utility, where she led their aggressive vehicle electrification and internal charging infrastructure deployment strategy. Erica also serves as an advisor and board member on the Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition where her mission is to educate Fleet managers, as well as the public, to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility.

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