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Let’s Make It a Habit: Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity

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Research Park
EnterpriseWorks Room 130
Dec 12, 2018   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
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Let’s Make It a Habit: The Talk with Gina Johnson
Through this practical and straightforward presentation, Gina gives audiences the power to choose how we react to negativity. She has made it her life’s passion to help people manage their responses to negative life situations, negative people and negative things. Gina wants to give professionals in the field practical tools to handle the negativity in their lives so they can be more effective with their clients. Modeling and practicing these skills in their own lives will benefit the people they serve.

Learning Objectives:
1. To become familiar with negativity bias and learn how to navigate it.
2. To learn the effects of negativity in 3 areas: physiologically, intellectually and
3. To develop awareness of one’s own positive, neutral, and/or negative coping
4. To more fully understand how to train our brain to develop good habits and
healthy coping skills.
5. To see the value of and to learn to prioritize self-care and investing in your
own mental health.
6. To understand one’s own part in conflict and gain self-awareness.
7. To learn healthy ways to deal with conflict in relationships with others.
8. To learn how to avoid and navigate second hand stress.

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