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September Workshop | "Time Management for Creatives: Seize the Day Before the Day Seizes You"

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Sep 21, 2022   3:30 - 4:30 pm  
Todd Spinner, Academic Advisor, School of Chemical Sciences
Bridget Sullivan

"Time Management for Creatives: Seize the Day Before the Day Seizes You"

Description: Creatives often feel overwhelmed by an increasing workload, family commitments, and all the other responsibilities that life brings. COVID-19 has only accelerated this leading to an unmanageable mental load. This pressure can intensify if creative work is only part of your job. In the past, many of us have naively thought that through hard work and energy, we could force our way through anything. Ultimately, being the embodiment of being busy all the time is a sign of being disorganized. In this session, Todd will walk you through the steps he followed to stop being reactive to everything and how he established a few simple principles, methods, and tools to be able to seize the day and reclaim his life on his own terms.

Bio: Todd Spinner is an Academic Advisor at the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also manages his office’s web and social media presence. He also directs the web and social media presence of The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign and has done the same for other local businesses. He has presented and taught courses all across the nation. He currently teaches a course for the Chemistry department on life and career development including time management skills. Todd has been building websites since 1995 and spends time camping, cycling, hiking, helping our friends without addresses, and hanging out with his dog Bison.

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