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Film poster for documentary film Overland (2020)

Overland: Documentary Screening and Falconry Demonstration

Event Type
Film Screening
Program in Medieval Studies, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Humanities Research Institute
Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum
Apr 21, 2023   4:30 pm  
Revere Le Noue, Dr. Lauren McGough
Renée R. Trilling
Originating Calendar
Medieval Studies

As an intangible cultural heritage, the art and practice of falconry is deeply intertwined with connection and community, from the mentorship program required here in the United States to become a falconer, to the multitude of local, national, and international organizations dedicated to falconers around the globe. This screening of the documentary Overland (2020), directed by Elisabeth James and Revere La Noue, continues in this tradition of sharing this nearly 5,000-year-old cultural heritage. By providing opportunities for campus and community members to engage with this topic on multiple fronts (a short educational demonstration on falconry and raptors to precede the screening, the screening of the documentary, and a Q&A with the directors and eagle falconer/anthropologist Dr. Lauren McGough), it is the goal of the event to facilitate connection and further learning through, and on the topic, of an art which has been inspiring connections, both between humans and between human and nature, for thousands of years.

You can view the trailer for Overland here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joZTG6y5nTU

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