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12th Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing Workshop

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Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing
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Feb 24, 2021 - Feb 26, 2021   All Day
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The 12th Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing Workshop will be held online the mornings of February 24-26 and will gather leading researchers in high performance computing from the JLESC partners INRIA, the University of Illinois, Argonne National Laboratory, Barcelona supercomputing Center, Jülich Supercomputing Centre, RIKEN Center for Computational Science and the University of Tennessee to explore the most recent issues in advancing the field of HPC. The first two days are limited to members of the JLESC institutions and the third day (Feb. 26), will be open to any interested participant regardless of affiliation.

The workshop will feature short talks and breakout sessions on these central topics:

  • Applications and mini-apps
  • Parallel programming models and runtimes
  • Performance tools
  • Resilience of systems and applications
  • Big data, I/O and in-situ visualization
  • Numerical methods and algorithms
  • Advanced architectures
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Registration is now open. To register and to learn more about the workshops go to http://icl.utk.edu/jlesc12/.

University of Illinois faculty and researchers are invited to participate in the event either by providing a short talk presentation, contributing to a breakout session or by sharing a JLESC success story.

Short talk

We are asking for individual short presentations (10 minutes) from researchers and students on topics. These presentations (slides, software demo, interactive discussion, etc.) should clearly focus on collaboration opportunities, potential areas of implementation or open research problems of interest to the JLESC community.

To submit a short talk go to https://forms.gle/yQM9LBwzNTDjquXZA.

Breakout sessions

These sessions should cover a joint topic of relevance for JLESC researchers and students. We are asking for sessions with contributions from at least three different JLESC partner institutions, focusing on collaboration opportunities. These contributions can be talks, demos, tutorials, hands-on sessions and more.

To contribute to a breakout session go to https://forms.gle/xzPpzWmcMd8V8xwz8.

Success story

The "Open Day" (Feb. 26) will feature three success stories. We are looking for submissions demonstrating high impact from JLESC collaborations. While we generally accept most of the short talk and break-out session submissions, we will be more selective for the success stories.

To submit a success story go to https://forms.gle/nyPcA6PtzRoqSzvj9.

For more information contact:

Kjellrun Olson, kjellrun@illinois.edu
Bill Kramer, wkramer@illinois.edu

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