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Dr. Jannie Armstrong, "Conceptual and Analytical Approaches to Food Crises and Famine: The IPC's Approach."

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Center of Global Studies, ACES
International and Area Studies Library 309
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Oct 18, 2022   12:00 pm  
Jannie Armstrong
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On October 18th, in the International and Area Studies Library 309 and on Zoom at noon, join Dr. Jannie Armstrong, IPC Global Support Unit, Integrated Classification's Learning Systems Developer, for their lecture, "Conceptual and Analytical Approaches to Food Crises and Famine: The IPC's Approach."

Hunger, famine, and food crises are consistently near the top of the global humanitarian agenda. The global system for assessing the magnitude and severity of food crises is known as the Integrated Phase Classification. This talk, presented by Dr. Jannie Armstrong of the IPC's Global Support Unit, will introduce the IPC's approach to assessing and analyzing food crises, giving examples from the most pressing humanitarian emergencies on the planet. We'll discuss how and why the IPC works, and the challenges it faces. Participants will also be introduced to the various online tools and resources the IPC makes available as public goods.

Jannie Armstrong works as the Integrated Phase Classfication's Learning Systems Developer, in which capacity he maintains the academic liaison portfolio, making sure that the IPC stays abreast of developments in food security and nutrition research from leading academic institutions around the world.  He co-develops all IPC training materials for both online and face to face trainings, and is a member of the Technical Development Team.  He holds a PhD in food policy from the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London. Over the past 25 years, he has consulted extensively on food security across Asia, Africa and Europe for FAO, WFP and others.  In that time, he has lived and worked in Kenya, the African Great Lakes (DRC, Burundi and Rwanda), Serbia, Mongolia, Laos, Zambia and Zimbabwe.Jannie holds an enduring research interest in food security policy in the Global South, and is currently based in Harare, Zimbabwe. For more information on IPC clink this link.

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