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"Agricultural Mechanization in Asia: Trends, Patterns and Prospects"

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Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
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Apr 16, 2021   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
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ACES Office of International Programs Lectures

ABE I4 Seminar presented by Professor Gajendra Singh, Chair, Science Committee of the Appropriate Scale Mechanization Consortium

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The Asian region has made great progress over the past six decades in transforming the farm power situation from over 90% from animal sources in the 1960s to over 60% from mechanical sources now. Four main types of mechanical power sources are popular:  i) 2Wheel-Single Axle tractors for wet tillage, transportation, water pumping and threshing; ii) 4Wheel-Two Axle tractors for dry tillage, transportation, planting and seeding, inter-culture, spraying, harvesting and threshing; iii) Electrical motors and Diesel engines for irrigation pump sets and many postharvest processing operations; and iv) Self-propelled machines like combine harvesters and trans-planters. Average farm holding size is about 1 ha. More than 85% of 500 million small farm holdings in the world below 2 ha are in Asia. Increased utilization of machines available with farmers through custom hiring to neighbor farmers and or through larger operational holdings makes ownership of machines economic and profitable.







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