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Fictions and Frictions Conference: The Power and Politics of Narrative

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academic, art history, narrative, political science
Sponsored by the School of Art and Design and the Krannert Art Museum, and co-sponsored by the European Union Center, Modern Art Colloqium, Society of Art Historians, and Student Organization Research Fund
Art + Design Building 316 and the Confessional (installed in the Link Gallery), 408 E Peabody Dr, Champaign, IL 61820
Mar 2, 2019   8:30 am - 6:00 pm  
Free and Open to the Public
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The construction of a counternarrative can be a strategy for political resistance, revealing power structures by articulating a perspective on social reality alternative to the dominant or norm. Yet, alternative realities are not always positive or emancipatory, as demonstrated by the proliferation of claims of “fake news” and “alternative facts.” When multiple narratives collide into each other, they create friction at their edges. In that friction, we might find new perspectives and possibilities. As Jacques Rancière has argued in The Politics of Aesthetics, “Politics and art, like forms of knowledge, construct ‘fictions,’ that is to say material rearrangements of signs and images, relationships between what is seen and what is said, between what is done and what can be done”. This symposium will focus on narrative edges in order to develop a more nuanced understanding of the way that visual and performative fictions function politically.


For more on the conference, including a schedule and abstracts, visit the conference website.

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