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Global Knowledge and Transnational Crime

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Center for Global Studies
Main Library, Room 106
Oct 16, 2018   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Yuliya Zabyelina
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- Part of the CGS Globalizing Knowledge Series - 


How does global knowledge impact the struggle with
organized and transnational crime? How
does modern criminology function as a form of global knowledge?

Yuliya Zabyelina specializes in interdisciplinary socio-legal research that combines theories and methodologies from international relations, criminal justice, and legal studies. In particular, she is interested in the nature of crime at the international level and the existing mechanisms for its prevention and control. Within the broader framework of her research on international criminal justice topics, she is also keen on studying countries of the former Soviet Union.


In her talk, she will discuss crimes committed by state bodies and international representatives, and particularly those who are protected by immunity from prosecution (e.g., diplomatic immunity, immunities, and protections provided to international civil servants and peacekeepers, parliamentary immunity, head-of-state immunity, etc.). She will focus on such wrongful conduct as trafficking crimes, corruption, and sex and labor exploitation. In addition to her analysis of criminal activities, she will also evaluate the existing response mechanisms developed by domestic agencies (e.g., Department of State, Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of the Treasury, etc.) and international organizations (e.g., INTERPOL, UNODC, World Bank, United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services, etc.).


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