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Opportunities for UIUC Engagement in Egypt

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Heritage Room, ACES Funk Library, 1101 S Goodwin Ave, Urbana
Feb 14, 2018   12:00 - 2:00 pm  
Hitomi Ho
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ACES Office of International Programs Lectures

Faculty & Staff are cordially invited to join us on Wednesday, February 14, 2018, for a campus wide brainstorming session to explore opportunities for UIUC faculty and staff from a broad range of disciplines to engage in research and capacity building initiatives with universities in Egypt.

The aim is to solicit concrete ideas for such engagements and to strategically position UIUC to pursue upcoming competitive grant opportunities.

UIUC has a long history of engagement in Egypt and we have many faculty members who were recruited from there or who have worked in Egypt. From 2003 to 2007, for example, the College of ACES implemented the Agricultural Export for Rural Income project. CSAMES has provided regular academic programming such as conferences and lectures on Egypt since its inception in 1984. Most of the core faculty of CSAMES have carried out extensive research on Egypt.

Developing the energy and agricultural sectors, in particular, will be critical to transformative growth and development of Egypt. Both sectors face added challenges due to water scarcity. Universities in Egypt can be pivotal in generating research findings and graduating highly skilled and motivated leaders to work in these sectors. While there is a role for technologies to address the challenges, they are embedded in a system of political structures and social norms. The educational systems falls short of its potential. Multi-disciplinary approaches are needed.

What issues would be interesting for you to work on? Do you already have collaborators in Egypt? Are you interested in expanding your network? Then we hope to see you on Wednesday!

20 minutes: Background presentations on
- The Higher Education Landscape in Egypt [Paul McNamara]
- Higher Education strengthening initiatives at the World Bank: Implications for Egypt [Alex Winter-Nelson]
- Issues and opportunities [Andrea Bohn, Hadi Esfahani]
- Potential funding sources [Paul McNamara and Hadi Esfahani]
20-35 minutes: Brainstorming
- Research and capacity development ideas envisioned by UIUC faculty and staff
(Round table discussion and 25/10 Crowd Sourcing)
Please confirm your attendance by sending a note to Hitomi Ho at by 5 pm on February 13. Let her know if you plan to come for the 12-1 pm or the 1-2 pm session. But please also feel free to show up on short notice if you were not able to confirm attendance in advance.

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