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First Year Project Presentation - Hayden Noblet, Josh Saylor, Qianlu Feng and Melissa Flores

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Neuroscience Program
Beckman Institute 1005
Jan 30, 2024   4:00 pm  
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Neuroscience Program Seminars

Hayden Noblet - "Nanoparticle Transport into the Alzheimer’s Disease Brain and a Novel Role for STEP in HCN Channel Regulation", Dr. Hee Jung Chung, Chung Lab

Josh Saylor - "Targeting Notch Pathways to Promote Neurogenesis of Endogenous Progenitor Cell Populations in a Murine Model of Multiple Sclerosis", Dr. Makoto Inoue, Inoue Lab

Qianlu Feng - "Spatially resolved transcriptomic insights into whole honeybee brain", Dr. Hee Sun Han, Han Lab

Melissa Flores - "Characterization of a continuous honey bee cell line by single cell transcriptomic profiling suggests the presence of neuronal & muscle cell types," Dr. Gene Robinson, Robinson Lab


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