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iOptics Seminar

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Popescu, Gabriel
Beckman 2269 - 2nd Floor Tower Room
Apr 30, 2019   11:30 am  
Naiyin Wang, Department of Electronic Materials Engineering, Research School of Physics and Engineering, The Australian National University
McKinley, Kelly Ann
+1 217 244 9210
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"Shape engineering of InP nanostructures grown by selective area epitaxy"


Group III-V semiconductors have revolutionized electronics and optoelectronics due to their superior physical and optoelectronic properties including high carrier mobility, direct bandgap and band structure engineering capability. Reducing the device size to nanoscale brings many unique properties, such as large surface-area-to-volume ratio, high aspect ratio, carriers and photons confinement effect. These nanostructures have already been demonstrated for potential applications in solar cells, light emitters, photoelectrochemical water splitting, etc. However, to date most efforts on the growth of group III-V nanostructures have been limited to nanowires. Although large surface area is a desirable property for some applications, it can also pose a negative effect for optoelectronic device due to surface states which may trap carriers. InP is one of the most common materials being investigated in nanostructures due to its low surface recombination velocity.

In this talk, I will demonstrate selective area growth of InP nanostructures, showing the possibility of obtaining other functional nanostructures, the capability beyond the limitation of rod-like nanostructure and opening the way to more advanced device geometries. By changing the pattern design on the mask and growth conditions, we are able to grow and control the shapes to form nanostructures such as membranes, flowers, rings, spirals, stars, ellipses etc. These shape-engineered nanostructures open up possibilities of new applications based on devices with novel geometries.



Naiyin Wang received the B.Sc. degree in Microelectronics from the School of Physics, Shandong University, China, in 2010, and the M.Eng. degree in Microelectronics & Solid State Electronics from South China Normal University, China in 2013, and is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree at the Department of Electronic Materials Engineering, Research School of Physics & Engineering, Australian National University, Australia. His current research interests include epitaxy and characterization of III-V semiconductor nanostructures, including nanowires, nanomembranes, nanorings, etc.

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